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This is me...

Hi my name is Philippa, i am an independent non-medical prescriber and have been a qualified nurse practitioner for 5 years now. I work as a senior practice nurse alongside my aesthetics clinic, I have been working in aesthetics for 3 years now. I find running my own business and seeing my clients achieve aesthetic improvement so rewarding. 

I have undertaken specialist practice training covering advanced dermal filler, botox, chemical skin peels and microneedling, and I am fully insured with a medical aesthetics insurance company. 

When I set up the business I was aware of local competition in the surrounding area, and was keen to set myself aside and offer something different. I pride myself on offering a natural enhanced look, and I like to think this is why clients come to me and end up returning. My clients always comment on not wanting to look ‘plastic’ and that they would prefer a ‘natural look’. This is where JP Skin comes in, I listen to my clients needs and wishes and aim to help them achieve the look they desire. I am also not afraid to tell a client if they don't need any further treatments. 

I love to develop and build close working relationships with each of my clients so that we have a foundation of trust to support discussions about treatment options. This also supports my clients feeling comfortable to contact me to ask questions and ask for advice. Because of this relationship, I feel confident that my clients will contact me in case of emergencies or just to let me know they are super happy with the results. 

My clients are the most important element to my business. As such I seek out new and improved treatments or techniques to offer you the best available in the industry. 

JP Skin clinic is based at my home, where I have a designated clinic room. 

You are welcomed warmly to discuss your thoughts about treatment options. Initial consultations are such an important part of the process, as they help me offer you alternatives if appropriate, explain potential side effects, ensure you understand the process, after care discussions and for you to get to know me. All before any decisions and bookings are made.  

The aim of this blog is for me to communicate with you, answer commonly asked questions and update you on any news.